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Job Description

Why join ElectionBuddy?

We believe in accessible democracy around the world.
While elections have been around for thousands of years, recent global events triggered a digital revolution in the election industry with millions of voters expecting the ability to vote online. This created a demand for an online election application that must deliver on many fronts: a simple to set up, cloud-based, high integrity voting platform that is engaging and easy for the voter to use.

ElectionBuddy, with over 16 million votes cast, is the market leader of DIY online elections and we need great people to help us continue to grow!

Elections are a fascinating and challenging process.
There's no other job quite like it in the world. For most, elections happen once-a-year and can be an intense process requiring adherence to specific rules and bylaws. Some are built on the fly during meetings and some need monitoring by an independent body.

Good to Great
We're not looking for good people to join us...we're looking for great people! If you are that person, we will find a role for you at ElectionBuddy.

About Customer Success

Do it well, make it right
The Customer Success Team are the gatekeepers to election excellence; welcoming new and experienced election adminstrators to ElectionBuddy's versatile application with a wide range of features. Our job is to guide all users, whether they be first-time administrators or seasoned electioneers through the complex and intriguing world of DIY elections.

Life in Customer Success

Here's a few things we look for in potential candidates wanting to join ElectionBuddy.

  • Help first. At ElectionBuddy, we believe in helping each other. This sets the tone for our appraoch to customer service. We always start with what we can do for the customer.
  • Written skills rule! Since we're interacting with our customers through live chat as well as email, effective writing is fundamental to ElectionBuddy. That doesn't mean we're all serious when we talk to our customers, but we do need to pay attention to who we're talking to and ensure our tone and language is synonymous.
  • Analytical skills. If you love a good puzzle, Customer Success is perfect for you! For the solvers among you, there is nothing more satisfying than decrpyting a customer's 'ask' and being able to read between the lines, study their account, identify their issue and be able to 'acknowledge their ask' and move them towards election success!
  • Multi-tasking. It's a bit of a cliche, but we do a lot of it and it's a skill we respect. Whether it be juggling a number of conversations or projects that you are helping develop or assisting with the learning materials for new hires, there is no shortage of multi-tasking!

What next?
If all the above gives you a bit of a tingle then get in touch! Extra brownie points for those that add 'tingle' in their introduction since we will know that you've read all the way down to here!

Thanks for reading :) 

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