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Job Description

Executive Assistant

10-20 hours/week

Please Note: This job is being posted on behalf of Frequency LLC ( by Profit Factory ( Profit Factory is a company that works with entrepreneurs to match them to assistants.

Frequency LLC operates in the creative real estate space. Our specialty is in creative financing, and working around the traditional banking system.

Frequency LLC is looking for a quick and extremely detail-oriented assistant to help our president, Jeff Redmond, with his daily tasks. The successful candidate will be an organized thinker & capable of balancing competing, time-sensitive priorities.

In addition to the above, the successful candidate must possess the following experience/qualities:

  • Handle multiple projects at the same time
  • Take initiative
  • Be alert & quick
  • Confident and lucid communicator
  • Record keeping
  • Documentation

Technical skills required:

  • Must be proficient in Google Suite
  • MS Office
  • FreedomSoft (or a similar CRM)
  • Trello (or a similar tool)
  • Calendly
  • Social Media Management (Facebook & LinkedIn)

Position Details

  • This position is a contractor 1099 position.
  • You must have at least two years of Administrative Assistant experience.
  • The position will start with 10-20 hours per week and will likely grow to full-time with the right person.
  • Flexible hours between 9:00 am- 5:00 pm Pacific Time Zone.
  • The starting pay rate for this position is $21/hr.
  • We’re looking for someone to become a long-term (3+ years) team member.

How to Apply:

Email: (Please do not contact Frequency LLC directly. Doing so will disqualify you for the position.)

In the subject line please write “Hi, I’m YOUR NAME from (insert your city & state). I’m interested in the Frequency LLC position.”

In the body, please write me a 15-sentence email including:

  • Two sentence opening salutation that says: “Hi there. I’m (your name) from (city, state).”
  • Paragraph #1: Reason(s) why you think this job is a great fit for you. (black font, Verdana, 3 sentences)
  • Paragraph #2: Tell us about the experience you’ve had with handling & prioritizing multiple projects. (red font, Verdana, 3 sentences)
  • Paragraph #3: Rate your proficiency for the following tools on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being an expert: G-Suite, MS Office, FreedomSoft (or a similar tool), Trello (or a similar tool), Calendly, & Social Media Management (Facebook & LinkedIn). (blue font, Verdana, 3 sentences)
  • Paragraph #4: Tell us if you are/are not currently working (if you are working tell us if you plan to leave your position for one), where you see yourself in three years and your availability in the Pacific Time Zone. (black font, Verdana, 3 sentences)

One sentence closing providing the following:

  • a closing salutation including your name, email address, and phone number and the link to your LinkedIn profile (if you have one).

Be sure to attach a resume. Thanks! 

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