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Job Description

The power of prediction starts with Heartex. We build software that helps people do what only they can do – give meaning

Data fills our modern world. It flows prolifically inside organizations, customer interactions, through product usage, environmental research, healthcare imaging, and beyond. What if we could use any of that historical data to predict the future? The fact is, in most cases we can make predictions through Machine Learning and AI, but to do so in a meaningful and impactful way, historical data needs to be accurate, comprehensive, and absent of bias.

In order to make the best predictions, we believe internal teams with domain expertise should be responsible for annotating and curating data. It's called data labeling, and it’s a process of real people giving meaning to the information they see on the screen. Heartex was founded to take data labeling to the next level.

We believe that data labeling is a team sport. Data scientists, subject matter experts, engineers, operations, and annotators must work collaboratively to ensure quality results and an efficient process. That’s why we created Label Studio, which has quickly become the most popular open source data labeling platform with 1000,000 users around the world, alongside a community of thousands of data scientists sharing knowledge and working to advance data-centric AI.

We are excited to announce that Heartex has raised $25 million in Series A funding, bringing our total funds raised to $30 million from notable investment partners Redpoint Ventures, Unusual Ventures, Bow Capital, Swift Ventures, as well as angel investors.

Heartex is a fully distributed organization with people all over the world. We have team members in North America, Europe, and South America across 6 countries.

About The Role

We believe that Documentation should be user friendly, entertaining, easy to understand and navigate. We are looking to hire a Senior Technical Writer / Documentation Engineer to join our team. This role will focus on frontend / user documentation as well as backend / developer docs and a diverse variety of other content that is valuable to both our Label Studio Enterprise and Open Source users.

This opportunity will play a key role in our users success. As our only technical writer you will have a great deal of autonomy as well as a chance to collaborate with several team members across engineering, product, and marketing. You will be the main contributor and owner of our Documentation site and have the chance to partner on a variety of content like training materials, setup guides, blog posts, as well as other types of content.

A bit More About The Opportunity

  • Design, create and maintain procedure, reference, and concept documentation for Label Studio and Label Studio Enterprise
  • Collaborate with engineering, product, and the community team to identify opportunities for new and existing documentation
  • Work with Sales and Marketing to prioritize requests for tutorials, how-to guides, blog posts, and other documentation improvements to address high-priority customer needs.
  • Along with our user community team you will have the opportunity to partner with the Label Studio community to identify pain points and common use cases to ensure that the documentation fits user needs
  • Review and revise the following technical documentation for Label Studio & Label Studio Enterprise: UI text, API documentation, as well as SDK documentation for the Label Studio Python SDK and the Label Studio Machine Learning Backend SDK.
  • Play a role in assisting other teams with creating and contributing to educational content such as tutorials, or introductory videos to enable the customer learning journey to basic success with Label Studio, as well as support educational content for more advanced customization use cases.
  • Improve the customer onboarding and deployment documentation to shorten the "time-to-labeling" for the customer

If you have great communication skills, and a passion for creating meaningful and useful documentation and content. Passionate about machine learning and have a strong aptitude for writing and explaining complex concepts and procedures to technical audiences then we would really like to connect with you.

What You'll Bring

  • Three or more years experience writing developer-facing documentation and other forms of technical content for software applications
  • You treat documentation as a product and focus on clarity and simplicity. You have strong empathy for the user reading the documentation.
  • You bring highly meticulous and efficient writing & editing skills
  • Experience drafting and publishing documentation using static site generators and Git-based workflows
  • You have machine learning domain knowledge, like familiarity with data scientist workflows, data labeling tools and processes, or common frameworks
  • Comfortable reading and writing Python and Javascript
  • Ability to understand source code written in Python and Javascript. Some experience developing software is a big plus
  • Familiarity with cloud storage or deployment methods
  • Experience with source control and CI/CD technologies (Git, Jenkins, Lambda, etc)
  • Enjoy working at an open source company with fast-moving deadlines
  • You have an understanding and vision of what makes for great documentation and know how to execute on that vision.
  • You're comfortable in ambiguity and managing both time and competing priorities in a dynamic development environment
  • You’re excited to join a small but growing startup to shape the future of data labeling

Within 1 Month, You'll

  • Partner with engineering, product, and marketing teams to get up to speed on Label Studio and Label Studio Enterprise
  • Organize existing documents/content and identify opportunities to improve internal and external documentation
  • Get a sense for what projects are on the roadmap and create a plan to immediately impact the most urgent documentation needs

Within 3 Months, You'll

  • Partner with engineering and product to ensure documentation is complete with any new or updated feature releases
  • Finalize a roadmap and schedule for upcoming docs and content releases
  • Collecting customer & user feedback create a plan for improving on how our documentation is delivered
  • Start to develop a vision for how to deliver best-in-class documentation for Heartex and Label Studio

Within 6 Months, You'll

  • Begin looking at the organizing principles and philosophy behind our documentation and suggest improvements that will create value for our users
  • Start streamlining how our content is delivered so that users can find needed information in a faster more efficient way
  • Propose ways to measure how documentation can reduce support requests
  • As our technical writer be the user voice to define the future roadmap for documentation

It is an exciting time at Heartex, we are a growing startup and at this stage we are constantly evolving. While we have put a lot of thought into your first and most important initiatives, it’s only an example and something we will work on together. We're always learning and growing, so like us this role will evolve and expand. We hope that this opportunity sounds exciting to you and that you consider joining us on our journey!

At Heartex

While our community and customers enjoy our products, we understand it is our team who make that possible. That is why we want to support you in doing your best work. To explore more about our team please visit the about our team page.

We hope you are interested in our opportunities and encourage you to apply even if you are not sure you fit all of the requirements. When applying please include: A short document covering your experience & skills, such as a resume or linkedin profile. If you have a cover letter expanding on your background and why Heartex is of interest to you, even better, though a cover letter is not required & will not impact your application status. When we receive your application, we’ll get back to you about the next steps.

Heartex is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to building an organization that welcomes diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Our goal is to create an inclusive work environment that is equitable and where everyone feels they belong. We foster open and transparent communication and a workplace where discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. If you need any accommodations or assistance to make your interviews more accessible please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We do not discriminate against employees or applicants based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, race, military/veteran status, citizenship, pregnancy status, or any other differences.

At Heartex we pay based on regional compensation market rate ranges across the globe. We are hiring for this role across North and South America. For US based candidates in Colorado and most US remote metro areas our base cash compensation for this role is targeted at $95,000 to $150,000 USD. For candidates in San Francisco and New York metro areas the base cash compensation range is $120,000 to $160,000 USD. These ranges are provided by market data and are in good faith. The final offer details are determined by several factors including candidate experience, expertise, as well as applicable industry knowledge and may vary from the pay ranges listed above. 

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