Marketing Intern at Bxlend

  • Digital Marketing
  • Internship
  • Anywhere (100% Remote) Only
Job Description

Market Research

Conduct competitor analysis to identify key players, fees, coins listed, user base, trading volumes, etc.
Research cryptocurrency regulations across major EU countries.
Identify target customer segments and their needs.
Survey potential customers to gauge interest and feature expectations.

Marketing and Launch

Promote exchange in crypto forums and social media channels before launch.
Onboard influencers, thought leaders and crypto projects to help drive initial liquidity.
Announce launch through PR channels focused on crypto industry.
Incentivize sign ups through referral programs and trading fee discounts.
Establish affiliate partnerships with crypto news sites for promotion.
Run advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram targeting potential crypto traders.
Exhibit at blockchain events and conferences in Europe.
Offer promotions like free trades, cash bonuses or prize giveaways to attract users.

Handle potential incubators and accelerators appication and issue IEO for token sales rasie capital 

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