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  • Fulltime
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Job Description

About CXL:

CXL is an e-learning company focused on digital marketing. It's 90% recurring revenue, so similar to a SaaS business.

We’re a small but ambitious business, with a big impact. We punch above our weight.

Since our inception in 2011, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the top resource for conversion optimization expertise. We deliver known quality and have a strong brand with raving customers. We've built a reputation as THE destination for data-driven marketing training.

We run 2 world-class conferences each year - CXL Live and Elite Camp. We have offices in Tallinn, Estonia and Austin, TX, USA.

We’re self-funded, profitable, and grew 45% during the pandemic. We’re proud of that, but we want to grow faster.

There are very interesting challenges we’re tackling:

*Building an owned-media machine to capture more awareness and mental availability
*Reinventing our business model and go-to-market strategy as the world has changed so much over the last couple of years

About the job:

We’re looking for a T-shaped marketer who’s got deep skills at direct response marketing and product marketing (incl copywriting).

You will own our marketing and growth strategy, and its execution. You will work all growth levers - not just more traffic or better conversions. Your KPIs are revenue and profit generated through marketing.

You will have a team to work with but we expect you to be very much hands-on yourself. You bring senior level skills and experience, and lead by example. Strong people and vendor management skills are needed - you achieve many of your goals through them.

Fundamentally, we need to bring more qualified people to the front of the funnel by increasing awareness, and then convert them - while measuring everything.

We need a well thought-out marketing strategy, strong direct response marketing to get more leads, and savvy execution. We want to be different, bold, even outrageous. We need to run a lot of experiments.

If this sounds like the kind of challenge you’d love, we want to talk to you.


  • In short: own, develop and maintain our marketing machine to drive awareness, consideration, purchase, advocacy and retention.
  • Manage a small team of marketers, contractors and agencies
  • Own our landing pages and how they communicate our strategy and positioning in the market
  • Own our product launches and marketing including product launches, messaging, positioning
  • Lead our email marketing, especially direct response emails and launches
  • Manage our paid ads: either internally or with an agency.
  • Optimize our customer journeys
  • Build and iterate on our marketing funnels
  • Drive constant experimentation in customer acquisition
  • Research, talk to and understand our customers as well as anyone
  • Measure and report performance of all digital marketing activities
  • Work closely with product, engineering and customer success teams
  • Do what it takes to move the needle

Team structure and the day to day:

  • You will report directly to CEO/President of CXL
  • You will start off managing one person who knows our email automation inside out
  • If you need freelancers or agencies for specific projects and to scale we are ready
  • Your team will work closely with the Content and Product teams
  • We have a daily standup at 15:30 CET to align our team across EU and US
  • We will agree on your OKRs together as a team and will measure your performance against those

About You:

  • 5+ years in marketing - you have worked hands-on with email, ppc, social and content; you get marketing across the board from brand to growth, campaigns to events
  • Real results - you have, in reality, grown the business; you can demonstrate this clearly and understand how to make that happen, preferably in B2B or SaaS
  • Charisma - you can sell an idea in writing, visually and in speaking
  • Creativity - excellent eye for a premium design with artistry and nuance but no pretentiousness; your work reflects this; you have tons of ideas and you know you can see things differently than most
  • Visibility - you have a voice and an opinion, you generate content - maybe you like to write, or be on camera, whatever is your jam, you're visible on social
  • Vision - you have a vivid conception of what our marketing could be, should be, will be
  • Customer obsession - if you could only get inside their heads, constantly thinking of how to do that but you know when to leap beyond the customer’s vision of what should be
  • Planning - can orchestrate and harmonize a quarter of marketing activities across channels and team members and know what it’s going to take to execute
  • Leadership - you demonstrate care for your (small) team, you seek to make them heroes and support them however possible
  • Hands-on - you lead by example in the trenches; you are reluctant to let others have all the fun executing your vision
  • Humility - you acknowledge just how wrong you can be, you own mistakes and celebrate the learning that comes from them
  • Experimentation - you’re no stranger to user research and a/b testing; you believe that your intuitions can only take you so far and are looking to be surprised and corrected by the data
  • Speed - once a direction is decided on, you take action immediately and you expect the same of your team
  • Measurement - you understand data and love it, you know how to use it to win; familiarity with SQL and Google Analytics preferred

Why work with us?

Learn from people who know their stuff. We have serious A-players on the team.

Work on exciting things. The world is your playground. We have exciting clients and interesting projects.

Personal development. We support your growth with mentorship, necessary books, courses, and so on. You get to work with people that push you to become better.

Freedom. No one will micromanage you. You have the freedom to take on and lead new projects within the company as long as they support our overall goals.

Be part of something big. Who thinks small remains small. Be surrounded by people going places. Your role and responsibilities in our company can grow with you. Daniel Pink wrote this in his seminal book "Drive": People are most motivated by having autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We make sure you get a ton of all three.

-Competitive salary
-28 paid vacation days + national holidays
-In-office gym - sound body, sound mind (Tallinn and Austin only)
-All-you-can-learn from CXL Institute: full access to all courses - we are an education business after all
-Unlimited sick leave - stay home, get well
-100% remote and flexible working hours - we care about shipping, not when you are at the office 

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