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Job Description

Venture 4th Media is looking for someone to help them create unique VR related content.

Were you one of the first people in line when VR headsets were first introduced into the gaming industry? Do you keep yourself updated on the latest trends, leaks, and news in AR/VR games? Do you know what VR and AR gamers are looking for and understand where developers are slacking in games? If you eat, sleep, and breathe to play VR video games, you’re the type of person we’re looking for. We’re searching for a person who will help us to create unique VR-related content.

Content May Include

  • AR/VR Game Guides
  • Interviews with industry professionals
  • AR/VR game reviews and recommendations
  • AR/VR News and Speculation

What We're Looking For

  • Someone who can write detailed guides, reviews and guides around the topic of AR/VR gaming
  • Someone who is an active AR/VR gamer
  • Someone who is obsessed with all things related to AR/VR gaming, not just the games themselves, but tech too
  • Someone who is obsessed with all aspects of AR/VR games (you need to have played more than one AR/VR game in your life)
  • Positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond to produce unique and eye-catching content (Not just Google Research and SEO tweaking)

Must be able to demonstrate subject matter expertise before hire!

About Us

We are a team of passionate content creators building gaming brands from the ground up. Venture 4th Media (our parent company) has 130+ websites and 200+ writers, editors, videographers. We love hiring passionate experts to help us create amazing content and build serious brands from the start!

Writers get paid 2x a month via PayPal and can self-select topics on our writers' platform. We also have a lot of writer resources to help you produce your best work.

Compensation Will Include

  • Rate per article written (if entirely written)
  • May be opportunities to produce video content in the future
  • Potential for product reviews with reimbursement 

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