Growth Marketing (for AI consumer startup with huge organic traction) at Samwell AI

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Job Description

Samwell.AI is one of the fastest growing consumer AI startup. We are planning to reach 1M users in one month. We have a product market fit and, since we launched our paid plans, 285 custumers without doing any marketing.

We're a lean team, rapidly growing our user base and generating revenue. The founders, who previously raised $10M for their prior venture and successfully sold it, are now bootstrapping this new company.

Disclaimer: this is a "pre-hire" and the first 6 weeks won't be paid. By then, we will be profitable and are planning to pay market salaries. It is the opportunity to handle growth of a already very fast growing company.

Our product surpasses a competitor's that launched a year ago, achieving $120K in monthly recurring revenue. We boast additional exceptional products in our lineup, all performing excellently and attaining 400K users purely through word-of-mouth virality, without any marketing efforts.

If you have experiece in growth marketing, we need help to increase our revenue. Some of what we're expecting:

  • Building email marketing funnels (we have six-figure emails in our Samwell database, all of which have already registered accounts)
  • Building other marketing funnels
  • Preparing and sending campains, and retarget
  • Analytic: own KPIs, #users #paid users etc. // control costs and profitability
  • If you're scrappy
  • If you have any other growth idea to implement
  • Managing the growth, you'll also be incentivized on the company's turnover. For exemple, 10% bonus ($10K) on the first $100K revenue generated. Etc.

If you're interested and are willing to start a free trial period, please email me direcrlty: 

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