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Customer Service Representative at MTF Biologics

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Customer Service Representative

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Customer Service



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The primary responsibility of this role includes managing customer calls, which range from simple to complex, across a wide spectrum of topics, as well as processing orders via phone, , email or fax, including providing order status updates and shipment confirmations. Customer Service Representatives must excel at cross-functional collaboration, both internally and externally with business partners, to ensure that customer orders are accurately fulfilled and customer issues are resolved promptly and appropriately. The individual must comply with all ISO, AATB, & FDA requirements pertaining to the Customer Service Representative role.

Work Schedule (Days & Hours)

10:45AM to 7:00PM or 11:15AM to 7:30PM EST


  1. Accurately processes orders via phone, fax, EDI and email for Direct, POR, Trial Evaluation, Kit, Grant and Consignment orders. Demonstrate meticulous attention to detail and is able to critically and expeditiously review customer account information so that each order is processed according to established service fee concessions, tissue specifications and shipping requirements. Assume sole ownership for accurately processing and proofreading critical, time sensitive orders for same day and next day surgery requirements. Schedule and /or assist with the coordination of courier pick- ups from MTF distribution sites.
  2. Possess an in-depth understanding of a wide range of business rules and objectives, across multiple product lines, and demonstrate the ability to distinguish an extensive list of MTFs tissue forms & medical devices by tissue code and tissue description to implement diverse marketing support programs, effectively communicate and implement various order type protocols and to schedule tissue delivery based on shipping container expiry validation and tissue shelf life guidelines.
  3. Effectively communicate, verbally and in writing, with customers/consultants/ business partners at all levels of management to identify and investigate complex problems that cannot be resolved at the initial point of contact and require a customized response for issue resolution.
  4. Demonstrate ability to answer customer/consultant/ business partner questions regarding tissue/medical devices including inquiries related to tissue processing, specifications, storage, inventory availability, shipment tracking, service fees, and invoicing in accordance with FDA, AATB, ISO and MTF requirements.
  5. Document and maintain records of all inquiries in accordance with department protocols and provide order confirmations including those sent via secured email, web link, and EDI so that discrepancies can be identified and resolved.
  6. Exhibit a comprehensive understanding of tissue forms and their specifications to be able to offer alternative offerings in order to meet customer demand.
  7. Possess a broad knowledge of MTFs organization and departmental roles in order to manage and route a variety of inquiries via phone and email to the appropriate internal staff for resolution.
  8. Coordinate with the Shipping Department regarding order logistics including priorities, changes and discrepancies. Coordinate with freight carriers and couriers as necessary to resolve time sensitive shipping problems and/or expedite shipments.
  9. Process all open billing requests promptly to meet monthly sales objectives. A CSR must have the ability to research order discrepancies including incorrect serial numbers and service fees as well as reconciling inventory transactions to bring issues to resolution
  10. Understand the business requirements and potential consequences when communicating services fees to sales consultants, customers, and business partners so that confidential or proprietary information is not given to unauthorized parties.
  11. Allocate newly available tissue for multiple tissue forms in accordance with MTFs distribution policy.
  12. Understand different business nomenclature used by Distributors, Hospitals, Business Partners and GPOs.
  13. Responsible for maintaining the Customer Master. Assign new customer account numbers and enter information into ERP. Update changes in customer account information. Forward documentation to the Accounting Department as well as Contracts Department to determine if new customer is connected to a GPO or other hospital system requiring special service fee implementation.
  14. Demonstrate proficiency in all applicable systems currently utilized by MTF such as ERP, Tissue Trace Software, Credit Card Processing Software, GMP Compliance Software, and Reporting tools. The CSR must possess the ability to successfully navigate the systems listed above simultaneously in order to solve problems.
  15. Support marketing efforts on new product launches requiring customized order processes and enhanced communication protocols. Coordinate with marketing when there is a shortage of tissue.
  16. Technical aptitude to manage multiple Outlook Email queues supporting daily execution of workload responsibilities along with simultaneously managing Customer Service phone queue.
  17. Assist the Finance Team with researching open deductions and short payments due to pricing discrepancies, shipping issues, etc.
  18. Manage the processing of all credit card requests through credit card processing system prior to release of order.
  19. Handle additional administrative responsibilities, reports and/or projects that involve Customer Service, at managements discretion.



Education: High School Diploma/GED

Years of Experience:3 – 5 years

Other:Customer Service or similar position experience.

Specialized Knowledge, Technical Skills, and Abilities:

Possess a positive attitude, strong work ethic and is a dependable, attentive listener who takes ownership of job tasks. Adapt well in a fast paced environment. Ability to achieve order accuracy while maintaining required order volume. Strong written and oral skills that allow for the development of essential customer relationships.Detail oriented and possesses the ability to prioritize, multitask and work in a cross functional team environment. Must exhibit strong, independent problem solving and decision-making abilities to be able to adapt to process changes while adhering to all SOPs.

Technical aptitude to manage multiple computer interfaces supporting daily execution of workload responsibilities. Proficient in Microsoft Office suite.


Education: Associate’s Degree

Years of Experience:5- 9 years

Other:Customer Service or related position in an FDA regulated manufacturing or distribution environment experience.

Specialized Knowledge, Technical Skills, and Abilities:

Strong order entry experience using an order entry/inventory control integrated software platform.

Experience with EDI order processing.

Can support customer service functions outside of regularly scheduled hours as business demands, working virtually from home when MTF main office is closed during inclement weather. 

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