Junior Full-Stack Software Engineer at MOSEA

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  • Fulltime
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Job Description

MOSEA is a Venture-backed, fast-paced Fintech Startup out of Toronto focused on facilitating Social Spending. Our platform facilitates crowd funding, <100 – person events, and mobile 1:1 and group payments. MOSEA currently fuels and facilitates Social Spending for young professionals and for students on University Campuses across Canada.

We are looking for confident Full-Stack Software Engineer who has an affinity for making and breaking scalable cloud applications on both the Front-End and Back-end, to complement our expanding engineering team.

The MOSEA platform that you’d be working on includes a serverless backend, a web app, and mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and various support applications. Technologies and platforms you would use regularly include:

  • JavaScript: Typescript, Node.js, ReactJS, Next.js, React-Native, Objection.js, Knex.
  • UI: CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap.
  • Database: Postgres w/ TimescaleDB, Redis.
  • DevOps: AWS, Netlify, Linux, Bash.
  • Developer Tools: MacOS, Jetbrains WebStorm, npm, GitHub/Bitbucket, Postico, Jira.

The minimum requirements for student candidate are as follows:

  • OOP: An expert with Object Oriented Programming concepts and Data Structures.
  • Node.js-JavaScript: Comfortable with Node.js development on server, JavaScript on browser and have expert knowledge of async/await semantics.
  • SQL: Comfortable with SQL, crafting relational DB Schemas and queries.
  • **nix Command Line*: Extreme comfort with bash and interacting with *nix on the command line.
  • Thinking From User POV: The ability to think from the perspective of the end user when it comes to features.
  • MacBook: Our entire development environment is built for Mac. You should be using one for your day to day.
  • Candidate Focus: In pursuit or completed of a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree, college diploma or similar. If your focus was not programming or software development in school, but you are passionate and have a fair amount of software development experience developing personal projects or a side business, we want to hear from you.

The key responsibilities of the chosen individual will be as follows:

  • Software Engineering:
    • Take responsibility for one or more features to be built out in the current sprint.
    • Work with product team to refine feature spec into user story and identify what functionality needs to be added, where the functionality needs to be added, etc..
    • Implement assigned features in a manner that will scale out effectively as we grow.
  • Quality Assurance:
    • Work with engineers to design appropriate test cases for our web/mobile application as well as our backend APIs.
    • Performs tests on software and record results.
    • Identify bugs and log bugs in issue tracking system.
    • Take ownership of bugs, and either push them through bug fix process or fix them yourself.
    • Retest and ensure bugs have been resolved.

Make Improvements:

  • See something that can be improved in our stack or with our processes? Don’t just tell us about it. Take some initiative and improve it!

However we not only hire for talent, we also hire for attitude. The key soft attributes of the candidate we are looking for are:

  • Motivation: You should be self-driven and excited to work on this product.
  • Commitment: You do not take the responsibilities that you are given lightly.
  • Independent Thinking: While we need a doer, we especially need people who can think and contribute to the greater goal without necessarily being prompted to do so.
  • Team Player: You understand that you + team = success. No “I” in team.

But this is a two way street. You will not only be giving us your best, but we’ll be giving you priceless experiences as well:

  • Responsiblity: You will become comfortable working with others as well as taking responsibility for decisions that will deeply affect our software and our users.
  • Practical Experience: You will be well acquainted with the agile software development approach and the software development cycle through practical experience.
  • Startup Life: You will get hands on experience in what it takes to work in a true startup environment and ship product.
  • Support: Active mentorship and guidance will be provided to our engineers for further career development.

In terms of our environment, we are a close-knit group of technical and business minded folks who expects quite a bit from each other. We play hard but we work harder. With respect to advancement, MOSEA is very much a meritocracy. If you can show that you deserve responsibility, you will be happily given more.

If you think you are made for early-stage and fast-growing startup, connect with us. We are looking forward to talking to you. 

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