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Full Stack Developer at The Athletic

  • Programming
  • Fulltime
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Job Description

Full Stack Developer


1010data values:

  • Integrity: Doing the right things for the right reasons
  • Agility: Adapting and thriving in a dynamic environment
  • Teamwork: Combining our strengths to do amazing things
  • Passion: Channeling enthusiasm to drive excellence
  • Creativity: Unleashing curiosity to defy the norm

About the role:

1010data is seeking a Software Development Engineer (UI specialization) with exceptional skills and creativity to join the small team, led by the company’s Chief Scientist, that is building upon our 22 years of excellence in advanced ad-hoc analytics to create the next generation of our web-based interactive platform.

The Full Stack Developer, as part of a small team, will help us design and build a new web-based user interface for 1010data’s advanced analytics platform. This is a highly-creative position; the Developer will be expected not only to write code but to participate actively in design decisions, and ultimately, to take ownership of significant portions of the applications’ functionality. A critical aspect of this position is the ability to understand and develop a sophisticated web-based application holistically that is, the Full Stack Developer will be writing code on both the front end (in JavaScript/CSS/HTML, running in a web browser) and the back end (running on servers). Making the position even more interesting, 1010data’s back end is written in K, a very powerful, array-based/list-oriented language. (Knowing K is not a requirement for hiring, but keen interest in learning and working in a new, unconventional language is.) The expectation is that the Developer will start out working primarily on front-end code while learning K and the ins and outs of the back-end with mentoring from the rest of the team.

This role is not sponsorable

What you will take on:

  • Write high-quality code
  • Diligently work to familiarize yourself with an unconventional programming language, codebase, and way of thinking about data analytics
  • Participate actively and outspokenly in the application design process
  • Share your experience and skill with the rest of the team
  • Strive to take the user viewpoint understand how users will use the application and be guided in your decisions by that understanding
  • Communicate clearly with QA and documentation teams and with users and business stakeholders
  • Assist in recruiting new team members
  • Effectively collaborate with geographically dispersed, cross-functional teams

What you already have:

  • 5-10 years of experience as a full stack developer
  • Curiosity, initiative, independence, and an open mind.
  • A love of writing beautiful code to do beautiful things, and pride in the code you write. (It makes you happy that your colleagues love integrating with your code and the users love using it.)
  • A scientific approach to solving problems you don’t just assume, you experiment, and then make decisions based on the data.
  • Skills relevant to writing web-based user interfaces, both on the front end and the back end. You have a strong understanding of HTML/JS/CSS/WebSocket and other web technologies, and also experience with enough general-purpose programming languages (e.g. C and C-family languages, Java, Python, .) that you won’t blink at learning a new one.
  • Interest in/experience with non-mainstream programming languages, such as array languages (e.g. APL, J, K, q); list-oriented languages (e.g. Lisp, Clojure); rule-based languages (e.g. Wolfram/Mathematica), and/or functional languages. (We use K, an array-based/list-oriented language, extensively at 1010.)
  • Interest in/experience with data analytics and visualization, distributed computing, databases, or scientific computing/high performance computing, data science, AI, ML, (whatever you may perceive those to be), statistics. (This is what the software we’re writing is used for.)
  • A strongly self-disciplined approach to software development. (For example, you test carefully, put thought into your commit messages, and don’t feel your work is complete until you’ve documented it.)
  • A feel for the machine and the network. An understanding of how to write software that gets the most out of the hardware, but is tolerant of its occasional failures.
  • A passion for performance. (Shaving seconds of a calculation or milliseconds of a UI interaction — gives you a sense of accomplishment.)
  • A strong aesthetic sensibility. (A clunky or ugly interface or clunky or ugly code makes you feel uncomfortable.)

The expected base salary range for this position is from $100,000 – $160,000. It is not typical for offers to be made at or near the top of the range. Salary offers are based on a wide range of factors including relevant skills, training, experience, education, geography, and where applicable, certifications obtained. Market and organizational factors are also considered. In addition to salary and a generous employee benefits package, successful candidates may also be eligible to receive discretionary annual performance bonus compensation.

About 1010data:

For more than 20 years, 1010data has helped financial, retail and consumer goods customers monitor shifts in consumer demand and market conditions and rapidly respond with highly targeted strategies. The 1010data Insights Platform combines market intelligence, data management, granular enterprise analytics, and collaboration capabilities to empower better business outcomes. More than 900 of the world’s foremost companies’ partner with 1010data to power smarter decisions. 

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