Senior Back End and Smart Contract Engineer at Satori

  • Programming
  • Fulltime
  • Anywhere (100% Remote) Only
Job Description

The mission of the Senior Smart Contract and API Engineer at Satori is to build, test and deploy our core back-end infrastructure (Smart contracts, APIs, login systems, security processes) and ensure they are easily integrated by the front-end apps and widgets that use them.

Since Satori is a startup, you will need to wear a lot of hats and cover new ground. You will certainly touch smart contracts and our core API architecture but may also need to help lay the groundwork for new services like login SDKs or SSO widgets. The team is rapidly building new apps and releasing new features so you’ll need to be comfortable with balancing fast-paced shipping against good architecture, testing and security.

This is a role for a senior engineer who already has deep experience with and understanding of building smart contracts and APIs. You don’t need experience with NEAR but you should have built production-grade smart contracts before and have the necessary exposure to Rust or Rust-like languages. We’re looking for an opinionated and informed web3 engineer who will come to the team with fresh architectural ideas and approaches.

Key outcomes

  1. Satori’s core smart contracts and APIs are performant, secure and easy to integrate with.
  2. New products or services can be rapidly developed and shipped using our architecture.

Requirements for everyone at Satori

  • Team-first Initiative: You identify problems proactively and solve them without much direction. You drive towards a collective team goal above all else.
  • Engagement: You learn constantly, try new things, test ideas and ask questions.
  • Ownership mentality: You take full ownership over your success and failure outcomes. You operate with inevitability and have high standards for completion.

Requirements for this role

  • Smart Contracts: You have worked in production environments for at least a year shipping smart contracts in any language. You constantly stay up-to-date on new architectural paradigms. You stay up to date on security, SPAM, sybil mitigations, the latest hacks, and other relevant issues affecting smart contracts.
  • Rust: You have worked for 2+ years in production environments developing with Rust or similar (eg C++) languages.
  • API architecture and implementation: You have built secure, performant APIs before and can speak intelligently about their architecture decisions (including tradeoffs between security/performance) and speak to the details of their implementation (including how to properly test them).
  • Core back-end fundamentals: Is your code clean, well-tested and well-documented? Do you describe intelligent architectural trade-offs?

The role grows with the team -- you will be able to take on as much as you can handle and more.

This is a remote-first position but we prefer candidates who are located close to US time zones. 

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