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Agile Project Manager at HeadX Group

  • Project Management
  • Fulltime
  • Anywhere (100% Remote) Only
Job Description

How To Apply:

Location: Europe
Language: We operate internally and externally in English (US)
Hours: 40 hours per week for full-time. (need to be able to work European and US time at least 4 hours overlap)
Level: Senior (5+ years)

🌟 The Opportunity:
We are seeking an Agile Project Manager / Delivery Manager to lead and drive complex projects within our dynamic environment. With a minimum of 5 years of diverse project management experience, proficiency in English, and adeptness with project management tools, you will play a pivotal role in coordinating cross-functional teams. Agile Programme Management certification and familiarity with Clickup are advantageous. This role involves coaching teams, resolving project-related issues, and optimizing project management processes.

🤩 So, What Should You Expect if You Join Us?

One of the fastest-growing and most innovative DTC brands in the world (we’ve hit multiple 8-figure revenues in 2 years.)

Highly experienced founders team (multiple successful projects, with over $700M+ in collective experience).

Great self-improvement-driven culture of top A-players in their respective fields. Think of us as a Major League sports team. We’re here to perform and have a great time while doing it.

We push each other to become better versions of ourselves. 100% remote and micromanagement free.

Because if we need to micromanage you, this is not a place for you

🚀 Job Responsibilities:

  1. Lead and coordinate complex company’s projects.
  2. Break down complex requirements into manageable tasks and ensure clear understanding across different stakeholders.
  3. Manage dependencies between project components and proactively identify and address potential roadblocks.
  4. Adjusts project methodology used according to the business needs.
  5. Help to or develop project plans on their own that identify resource and budgetary needs.
  6. Manages projects in a prioritized way that would be aligned with the timeline and budget.
  7. Provides feedback, advice, project updates and encouragement to team members.
  8. Facilitate the completion of a project by coordinating the activities of the entire team.
  9. Training and coaching organization on project management.
  10. Resolves complex project related issues, disputes and disagreements.
  11. Ensuring projects adhere to frameworks and all docs are maintained appropriately.
  12. Facilitate company’s priorities selection through OKRs or similar tactical planning activities.
  13. Actively evaluate all operational procedures to make sure business functions in the most effective ways.
  14. Building and creating processes on Project management software to have clarity and efficiency.

🧩 Your Experience:

  1. 5+ years of project management experience in different industries.
  2. Excellent English language skills.
  3. Experience in transforming teams to start using an agile or lean mindset and apply the needed methods.
  4. Experience working with mature, senior, diverse and geographically dispersed teams.
  5. Experienced in coaching teams on the agile/lean mindset, deepening the knowledge together.
  6. History working in different industries run by agile and lean principles.
  7. Proven ability to lead and manage cross-functional teams in fast-paced and complex environments.
  8. Deeply experienced working with project management tools (e.g., Clickup, Asana).
  9. Excellent communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.
  10. Strong prioritize tasks, manage time effectively, and maintain focus in a dynamic environment.
  11. Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.
  12. Very strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  13. Ability to work between Europe and USA hours

✨ Nice to have:
Agile Programme Management certified (e.g. CSM, PMI-APC, APMG)
Experience with Clickup.

➡️ Hiring Process:

Round (1): Review and evaluate your application

Round (2): Invite to 30 minutes 'Discovery Call' with our Recruitment Manager Madhuri

Round (3): Line Manager Review and Technical Round

Round (4): Offer Stage ✍️

ℹ️ About Us:

We build online businesses. The founding team has been working in the online space for over 15 years and successfully grew and consulted a number of companies to 8-figure brands. We are now taking over the USA and planning global expansion. Bootstrapped it all the way. No outside investors. Our goal is to hit $100M within a couple of years. We are result oriented team that knows for survival you need always test, evolve and adapt to be the best. Our team is very open-minded and huge believers in extreme ownership.

🤩 What We are Offering:

Interesting, challenging, fast-growing projects
Strong and open-minded, transparent team
An environment that will push you to grow and evolve
Freedom to make decisions (and fails!)
Fully remote team, flexible times (according to clients or team needs)
Non-corporate, ever-evolving environment
Results and solutions-oriented environment

📜 Our Values:

Continuous Improvement - Life is never-ending growth. The day you stop growing - you start dying. We implement what we learn otherwise it's worthless.
Extreme Ownership - People make their own decisions and hold themselves accountable. We solve any roadblocks, not blame or rely on others.
Grit - Resilient, perseverant, and plain ol’ not giving up. Not letting anything stop you. Not being afraid to get your hands dirty. Getting those blisters.
Performance driven - Make shit happen, don’t just talk about doing, focus on getting it done and the output of your work, not how many hours you put in.
Integrity - Being human and understanding each other, operating by wishing others good, and being very transparent with feedback.
Exceptional Team - The team is the cornerstone of our success, propelling us to achieve greatness. Our Culture brings both memorable experiences and fulfillment.
😃 Are you ready? Come grow with us 🚀

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