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Job Description

The Role

The Engineering department at CommerceHub employs some of the top engineering talent who are constantly working to improve on processes, quality and techniques, with the goal of producing the highest quality software solutions in the industry. The lines between traditional QA and software engineering are blurred here, with quality being considered at all stages of development.

Our team is comprised of very talented and highly motivated individuals, who pride themselves on working smarter, not harder. We’re empowered to make local decisions, reducing the overhead of getting things done. We aim for operational excellence, having a DevOps culture and a “you build it, you run it” mentality. We favor a Lean approach to our product development, following agile workflows such as Scrum and Kanban depending on the directive of the team. We welcome new technologies and are constantly self-evaluating our tech stack to make sure we are providing software of the highest quality. Continuous Delivery is important to us and we are constantly looking to improve our automated testing and continuous integration.

Specific Duties

Partner with Product/User Experience designers to bring to life excellent customer experiences.

Team Collaboration


Technological Evangelism

Requirements Gathering


Implementation, pair programming, peer code reviews

Participate in on-call rotation to support the “you build it you own it” mantra

Primary technologies

Angular, React

High proficiency with cross-browser HTML & CSS

Typescript/JavaScript, Node.js

Redux / Ngrx

Experience writing modular, well-abstracted reusable client and server-side code for UI components

Understanding of event-driven serverless development concepts

Secondary technologies

Familiarity with AWS services (Lambda, DynamoDB, Kinesis, RDS, ECS, and others)

Experience with other cloud technologies


Solid understanding on CI/CD tools/pipelines

Ability to develop robust and secure code.


Successful candidates for the position must meet the following requirements:

Minimum of 3-4 years experience. 6+ preferred.

You view software engineering as a craft and welcome the opportunity to share knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

You find learning new technologies/patterns exciting and love experimenting with them.

“Good enough” is not in your vocabulary. You find innovative ways to ensure quality without restricting development speed.

You understand the balancing game an engineer has to play while weighing new feature development with technical debt.

A blank piece of paper doesn’t scare you. You are excited to design products from the ground up.

For you, it is more than a job.

Ability to prioritize tasks and work independently

Excellent analytical, decision-making and problem solving skills

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Proven ability to work in a rapidly changing environment with keen attention to detail 

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