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Job Description

Kitemaker is a startup building a collaboration tool that replaces traditional issue trackers and project management tools. We're passionate about helping all teams get healthier product development processes, be happier, and build better products. Our dream is to create the most well-designed product development tool in the market.

This is a unique opportunity to join a funded early-stage startup and have a massive impact on our product, culture, and direction. It's a lot of work and a roller coaster ride. But, if you are up for it, you can join us in replacing the most hated software development tools, build a tool that actually improves how teams work, and have a significant impact on our customers.

We're supported by some of the world's leading investors, including Y Combinator, EQT Ventures, SNÖ, and a good bunch of amazing angels.

About the job:

  • Play a key role in establishing Kitemaker as the industry-leading collaboration tool for product development
  • Working cross-functionally with product, marketing, engineering, and other business partners to arrive at the best possible designs.
  • Creating flows, prototypes, and high-fidelity visuals.
  • Working closely with engineering and founders to ensure high-quality implementation.
  • Contributing to the overall strategy and decision-making about product direction.
  • Some examples of the types of challenges you'll tackle: rethink how teams and startups can improve their development and collaboration processes; make the onboarding experience exceptional; bring Kitemaker to tablets and mobile; and much more!

What can make you a great candidate:

  • Track record of designing and shipping beautiful software.
  • A portfolio showcasing a clear understanding of typography, simplicity, interactions, and visual design.
  • An ability to frame strong rationales based on user needs for design decisions that persuade peers and managers.
  • You want to make a difference and cares about the quality and the results of your work, and you love making designs that people understand and wants to use.
  • You attack problems by first understanding them, and you are not afraid to challenge us if you think we waste time trying to solve the wrong problems.
  • UX expertise, specifically in the implementation of prototyping and user testing throughout the design process.
  • You are goal-oriented, pragmatic, and moves quickly. In addition, you listen to other point of views, knowledge and experience, and understand that your work is part of something bigger.
  • Any additional skills in illustration, animation, video/audio editing, front-end development is a bonus!

What we look for in people:

  • A self-starter mindset mixed with deep enjoyment of collaboration.
  • A passion for listening and learning from users; at Kitemaker, everyone talks to users.
  • An appreciation for others' feedback to help you improve in your role, the way you work, and how you work together as a team.
  • Experience in prototyping and are a good communicator of abstract ideas and concepts.

Diversity is essential for us, and we strive to create a culture where everyone can feel at home regardless of who you are and your background.

About the interview

We try to be quick about the hiring process. A typical process for interesting candidates is:

Interview with CEO and founder This is mainly for us to explain the role and company to the candidate, and for us to get an impression of the candidate and her/his skills.

Interview with CTO and founder As we work very closely together in the product team, this will dive a bit more into how the candidate would fit into the team, and how the candidate work with other product team candidates.

Interview with a designer in our network This is generally an interview focused on the skills of the candidate. There will not be any preparations for the interview, but the candidate should expect to do some design work during the interfere.

Work with us for a week on a contract (if taking a week to work is not possible we find an option that works for you) This is the final part of the process, and we do this with all hires. The candidate will work with us a full cycle (one week) from planning to retro. This will give the candidate a way to get to meet and work with the team, as well for us to get to know the candidate in a work environment. The candidate will be paid salary for the week.

Why you should join Kitemaker

Kitemaker builds a faster and more collaborative Jira alternative. We build the natural place to where design, engineering, and product managers collaborate.

It's super fast, has a lot of hot keys, and we put an emphasis on a clean and well designed user interface. 

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